Active Research Projects

While the Dalhousie Ultrasound research group has a robust research program, there are three main research projects currently in progress.

(1) Neuroimaging Endoscope


(2) Miniature Histotripsy Transducer


(3) 2D Arrays for 3D Ultrasound Imaging

Conventional 3D ultrasound systems present several technical challenges, particularly due to the large number of elements and beamforming channels required for a 2D array, the high electrical impedance of each small array element, and lengthy image acquisition time. However, 3D imaging can provide valuable information with respect to the size, location and irregularities of anatomy for both diagnostics and surgical guidance that is absent in 2D images. We are developing a 3D array system that requires minimal added complexity compared to our endoscopic phased array imaging system. Our novel solution involves replacing the fixed acoustic elevation lens from the phased array with an electrically steerable lens. Using a steerable lens, we can collect multiple 2D slices to build up a 3D image.